Through the lens of fashion and jewelry, we explore three worlds of being, or as the magician may understand it, the self revealed.

Directors Statement:
The Magician presents a visual work of magick; a complete system of ritual and initiation lay bare in the frames. For the inculcation of Magick and its practice, the novitiate must intone and repeat, intone and repeat, intone, until the work is thusly vibrated, illumined and revealed. Showcasing the international talents of designer Rosita Hurtado and jewelry by Meesha Farzaneh, The Magician enrobes these magical tools in a moving tapestry of prismatic veils.

Novitiate……………….Daniela Lewkowicz
Directed by: Hierophants (IG @wearehierophants) | Written by: Hierophants | Produced by: Hierophants
Art Direction: Daniela Bauer | Cinematography: J.A. Montgomery | Edited by: Hierophants
Wardrobe: Rosita Hurtado | Jewelry: Meesha Farzaneh
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